Physical Education for freshmen and sophomores strives to build physical fitness and develop body movement skills through vigorous and varied motor activities.  The program includes basic instruction in physical fitness training, weight training, and flexibility stretching. To promote sportsmanship, instruction and league competition will be provided in various team sports such as indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, one‑wall handball, and softball. Freshmen and sophomores have Physical Education scheduled twice each school cycle.


Physical Education for juniors and seniors continues to build physical fitness, develop body movement skills, and promote sportsmanship through instruction and league competition in various team sports such as team handball, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, one-wall handball, and softball.  Juniors and seniors have Physical Education scheduled once each school cycle.


Health is a one-half credit course designed to provide knowledge of health principles in the areas of mental health, drug education, nutrition, physical fitness, basic first aid, human sexuality, and general wellness. Health is a required course in sophomore year.