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  1. Students must be 16 years of age before Tuesday, February 01, 2022
  2. PLAN A: The in-the-car instruction must be accomplished under parental supervision. It will be the parents’ task to instruct their son/daughter. All parents, therefore, will be receiving assistance in this area. Parents& students will be participating in a VIRTUAL MANDATORY ORIENTATION and receive a curriculum, training guidance and final completion instructions.
  3. PLAN B: This plan includes 8 (90 minute) lessons provided by the contracted driving school with 2 students in the car each driving 45 minutes per lesson. The lessons are not officially part of the school-based program and the lessons constitute a separate agreement between the parents and the commercial driving school.
  4. Students must meet the 24-hour classroom portion of the program by either on site or virtual participation in weekly ZOOM classes. Tuesday and Thursday classes will be on site at 3:30pm and Saturday classes will be virtual at 9:00am.
  5. Upon completion of the classroom & the in-the-car instruction accomplished under parental supervision, students will receive a Completion Certificate (MV-285). This certificate is necessary for scheduling a road test and must be submitted to the DMV road test examiner. Upon successfully passing the road test and the student’s age of 17, a D license (senior license)will be received. The certificate also provides an insurance reduction to students who qualify.
  6. Full payment must accompany this application. No partial payments will be accepted.
  7. Registration can be completed by mail, online or in person. Complete the form in its entirety and select Plan A or B. Payment: Mailed applications are accepted if accompanied by fee. Checks made out to HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL, Att: Drivers Education OR payment via credit card for an additional $10 fee. One can also e-use our Online Payment Option.
  8. When filling out application form, use name as it appears on the applicant’s birth certificate. Do not use nicknames.
  9. Classes begin on Tuesday February 01, 2022 and are scheduled to conclude on Saturday, May 28, 2022.
  10. Road test arrangements are not included and are the responsibility of the student.
  11. Parent/Guardian& student MUST ATTEND a Mandatory virtual ZOOM Orientation on Friday, January 28, 2022 at 6:00 pm.
  12. Please select one of the classes: Onsite –Tuesday or Thursday at 3:30pm or Via ZOOM-Saturday at 9:00am. LEARNER’S PERMIT IS REQUIRED!