Seasonal flu Guidelines for Parents:

Family of Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students must submit a medical form and a copy of their immunization record signed, stamped and dated by their physician before June 1st. It is advisable to maintain a copy of forms you submit.

Sports participation; any student interested in participating in any and all sports must submit a completed medical form dated on or after June 1st of every year, before tryouts.<

Below is link to fact sheets for both students and parents: in youth sports.

Important information regarding injury/illness

1. Any student that is injured playing a sport /or activity for Holy Cross HS must get a medical evaluation and obtain a note from a doctor before returning to school. This note must be presented to the nurse before attending classes. (This note must contain injury, special needs and permission to return to school).

2. If a student is injured or absent due to chronic illness or surgery they too must submit a note from a doctor to return to school with instructions as above.

3. All student accidents and surgeries (even those over vacation) must be reported to the school nurse for follow-up.

The School Nurse has the sole discretion to prevent a student from returning to school, classes or play if a full clearance, issued by a physician is not presented.


The nurse must be notified of any and all medications. Students must have self-medication form on file in the medical room signed and stamped by a physician. All forms available on school web site.

Seniors: The mandate for all students entering 12th grade is to have a meningococcal vaccination on or after their 16th birthday. If you received a meningococcal vaccination before your 16th birthday you must submit proof of a booster (second or third shot) on or after your 16th birthday before start of senior year.

If you have any questions call 718-886-7250 ext:515

Working Paper Process

Schedule your appointment with the school nurse by emailing
  • Download the application for employment certificate and complete Part One. Parent/Guardian signature is required.
  • Student ID card is required.
  • Medical Exam form must be completed by a physician.

Charlotte McLoughlin
School Nurse

Holy Cross High School
26-20 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11358
Phone: (718) 886-7250 ext.515
Fax: (718) 886-7257


Remember to visit your physician or pharmacy and get the flu shot.

Working Paper

To apply for working papers, please email the school nurse at to schedule an appointment.

For Parental Permission Form: Please contact Athletics Department