Tips for online remote learning from Guidance – 3/20/20

Guidance Tips for Distance Learning

  1. Set a daily alarm to wake up at least 30 minutes before your first period class.
  2. Designate an area that is quiet, free of distractions and comfortable for learning.
  3. Keep social media and gaming systems out of sight to limit distractions.
  4. Have your tools accessible such as chromebook, notebooks, textbooks, pens, paper, calculator, etc.
  5. Sit at a table with a comfortable chair.
  6. Sign in to the Holy Cross website to access Distance Learning.
  7. Click on Daily Attendance to complete the attendance form each day.  This will ensure that Holy Cross knows you are engaging in distance learning and have access to school resources such as; Announcements, Daily Prayer, and Links and Resources (Google Classroom, Powerschool and Naviance)
  8. Access your Google Classroom and start with your period 1 class.  Once you complete and submit your Period 1 assignment(s) then move on to your period 2 through period 9 classes and do the same. Take your time as you have the whole day ahead of you.  
  9. Plan your time wisely and follow the same schedule as if you were in school.
  10. Do some quick stretches in between “switching classes”.
  11. Keep checking your emails and Google Classroom.
  12. If you have questions, email your teacher, counselor, and/or an administrator.
  13. Communicate with your classmates if you have questions or need additional help.
  14. Have good self-discipline to complete your assignments.
  15. Actively take notes, such as writing down important details.
  16. Actively ask questions and participate.

Healthy tips for dealing with anxiety and stress

  1. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Eat a healthy balanced diet (fruits, proteins, vegetables, limit sugars).
  3. Practice positive self-talk.
  4. List all your good and positive qualities; write in a daily gratitude journal.
  5. Talk to a trusted peer, friend, sibling, parent/guardian, or trusted adult.
  6. Take deep breaths, count to 10 slowly, breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  7. Reminisce about happy times or places, view pictures/videos from those times.
  8. Watch your favorite movie/show or listen to your favorite song.
  9. Limit excessive or repetitive exposure to the news.
  10.  Find a quiet spot in your home to take a breather.
  11.  Practice, “Grounding” exercises which help you control your surroundings: Look around you, find 5 things you can SEE, 4 things you can TOUCH, 3 things you can HEAR, 2 things you can SMELL, and 1 thing you can TASTE. 
  12. Make a list of things you can control vs. cannot control and focus on the control list.
  13. Unplug from social media and read a book, write a poem or story, and/or color or draw.
  14. Look for opportunities in life’s challenges and identify and set goals for yourself.
  15. Spend quality time with loved ones. 
  16. Identify and try out a new hobby.

Apps. to download for relaxation

  1. CALM
  2. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
  3. Simple  Habit      
  4. MindShift

Podcast recommendations

  1. Mindfulness Minis        
  2. Practicing Human       
  3. The Happiness Lab