Our theme is inspired by the motto of the Congregation of Holy Cross: Ave Crux, Spes Unica.  This Latin phrase means “Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope.”  As people of faith, we believe that Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection broke the chains of sin that kept us away from God and away from true, loving community with one another.  Through His self-sacrifice, Christ took the cross – an instrument of torture and death – and transformed it into something beautiful.  Through it, He bought us grace and redemption.  He transformed us into men and women with hope to bring.


As human beings, we still have difficulties to contend with every day – but now God can take those crosses, add grace, and use them to shape us into better versions of ourselves.  The seal of the Congregation of Holy Cross is a cross with two crossed anchors.  Christ and His cross are our anchors in the storm of life – our hope.  We carry that hope forth to others through our shared mission of educating minds, cultivating hearts, and helping young people to completeness.  Truly, we are Anchored in Hope and Transforming Lives!

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