2019 Computer Programming Competition

The HCHS ComputerClub hosts its annual programming competition on May 7, 2019 in the Media Center and is honored to have Mr. Frank Orzo ‘64, Ms. Ana Diez and Mr. AJ Sonnick ‘11 to be our competition judges. The theme this year is to build a website either from scratch or via an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), without using any online template. The target computer skills for students to familiarize with include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

We congratulate Steven Tautonico ‘19 on winning the first prize of $100! Steven created a social media platform for sharing and discovering collections. His dynamic website allows users to post pictures of their collection items and to follow other users. Behind the scene the program is coded by HTML/CSS/JavaScript, XML, Markdown, JSON and Python, with data stored in a relational database. The second prize, $50, goes to our 3rd-time winner, Andrew Henkel ‘19, who presents a website that describes several classical music composers. A score from the composer can be played right from the website. The aforementioned senior contestants were joined by a team of two beginner programmers, Kuanmin Wan (Junior) and Jiahao Wang (Sophomore). The team showcases a visual tour to one of the famous provinces in China, Zhe Jiang.

Special thanks go to Mr. Orzo, the Chair of our Board of Directors, for his generous sponsorship and continued support for fostering computational thinking.

Photo credit: Steven Tautonico (Collectr) and Andrew Henkel (HTML code)