Our Mission

Holy Cross High School, a Catholic college preparatory school in Queens, New York, educates the hearts and minds of young men following the educational and spiritual vision of Blessed Father Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Holy Cross embraces students who reflect social and economic diversity. The school strives to instill within each student a desire to identify and fully develop his talents while pursuing excellence in all his endeavors.

Holy Cross’ varied academic programs and activities nurture and promote spiritual, intellectual, creative, social and psychological growth and development. The ultimate goal is the formation of “The Holy Cross Man”.

Our Philosophy of Catholic Education

Holy Cross High School, sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross, demonstrates and teaches in the Catholic tradition. We believe this requires each person to recognize his need for the following: a spirituality centered in Christ; a developed intellect; emotional, physical and social maturity; and an understanding of the Christian truth of each person’s developing relationship to other persons.

The faculty and staff, administration and Board of Directors are dedicated to the spiritual development of young men who are moral, courageous and of service to others. We recognize that a student’s education and development are reinforced by his active participation in the school, the community and his place of worship. Civic and moral responsibility are exemplified and promoted.

The curriculum of Holy Cross High School is designed to stimulate interest, intellectual curiosity and creativity.  We strive to develop each student’s innate capacity for independent decision making, good judgment and respect for others.

It is through the integration of these spiritual and human potentials that a student will be capable of enjoying, contributing to and appreciating life and embracing the eternal God.

Our philosophy is rooted in the vision of our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, and in the two hundred year old tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross. We are part of network of Holy Cross education in the United States which includes three universities, two colleges and fourteen secondary schools.  If you find yourself on the campus of the University of Notre Dame or in the hallway of Holy Cross High School, Flushing, the characteristics of a Holy Cross education remains the same.