Holy Cross High School traces its history to 1838, when Blessed Father Basil Moreau founded the Congregation of Holy Cross. In 1955, the Congregation of Holy Cross established Holy Cross High School in Queens, New York. The safe and beautiful neighborhood in which Holy Cross is located is easily accessible for students that commute by both public and private transportation.

Throughout the world, Holy Cross-sponsored academic institutions follow the key precepts of our founder:  “How we educate the mind will change with the times; how we cultivate the heart is and will remain timeless.”

The professional faculty at Holy Cross are well-experienced and adept at implementing educational practices and techniques designed to meet each student’s individual learning style.

Classroom work and outside assignments are focused on engaging students. Our 13:1 student-teacher ratio allows teachers the opportunity to know each student well.

Technology plays a very important role in education at Holy Cross. The future is thoroughly embraced through a 1:1 Chromebook Program providing each student with an important tool to interface with teachers, fellow students, and beyond. In 2020, when schools across the country were forced to close in response to COVID-19, our faculty and students were able to seamlessly pivot to remote learning.

Holy Cross has invested over $1,000,000 dollars in our STREAM program which provides our students with courses focused on science, theology, robotics, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. This curriculum best prepares our students for college, and master the skills they will need in the future. Combined with over 50 Electives and 42 Honors and AP courses, Holy Cross High School offers an inspiring selection of courses to spark new interests and allow students to carve a personalized path for learning.

Both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities and athletics, students mirror what they will experience in their future.

Individual student success is the driving goal behind every decision at Holy Cross. Holy Cross students understand the importance of embracing what makes them unique and are guided to use those differences to promote growth and success.

With a 100% graduation rate and over $61,000,000 in academic scholarships earned by the Class of 2023, Holy Cross students graduate with confidence because they are equipped with the tools necessary to face their next challenges. Our students leave high school with a set of values to guide them, academic preparation to ensure their success, and the social skills to help them transition seamlessly into their adult lives.

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