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Whether taking an art class for the first time or honing developed artistic skills, the art program at Holy Cross High School helps each student explore and develop their own creative potential. The Art Department takes a tripartite approach in providing instruction in theory and technique, maintaining a supportive environment for creativity and self-expression, and facilitating critical thinking about one’s own creations and great masterpieces. Students are taught both traditional and contemporary approaches to art and are encouraged to explore the relationship between technology and the arts. Students have access to technology as often as they employ a brush and a palette. The Media Center and the Art Studios at Holy Cross are dual-platform environments which utilize both state of the art laptops and their school issued Chromebooks. Art students learn and utilize industry professional graphics software programs including Adobe® Creative Suite® (Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, Dreamweaver®, and Flash®), and a drafting program called AutoCAD®. The STREAM lab located in the Media Center is outfitted with a 3D model printer as well as all the necessary materials for students to work through their creative processes.

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We believe that the fundamental purpose of music education is to develop in each student the ability to rehearse and perform music to their fullest potential. We encourage every student to take an active part in the creative process to learn the various ways music can be experienced, including listening, performing, improvising and composing. The music program provides students with the opportunity to understand and appreciate historical music style periods, as it will enable them to gain a greater understanding of the development of music.

Incorporating the music of various cultures and genres may provide students new musical experiences that broadens their understanding of music and helps them to better understand the diversity of cultures and musical styles. By cultivating an excitement for music, students can learn musicianship, technique, rhythm, and other important elements of music. Through these various experiences the students are provided the opportunity to become independent musicians and learn the beauty of music, making for a more rewarding and fulfilling education.

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“Every man is the painter
and sculptor of his own life”
~St. John Chrysostom