The mission of the Theology Department is to realize the goals of the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Father Basil Moreau, who wished to educate the mind and heart of each student. As a student begins their journey at Holy Cross they learn about the tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross and its founders. The freshmen also study the basics of our Judeo-Christian heritage in the Old Testament, the Mass, and the sacraments. During sophomore year, Holy Cross students study the life of Jesus Christ and the New Testament. Their studies conclude with a unit on the Pentecost event and the beginning of the Church. After this basis in scripture is established, juniors explore living out gospel values in the context of human morality. Senior year concludes their journey with the students putting their faith into action in our Service Learning Program. The notion of service is firmly rooted in the tradition of the Brothers of Holy Cross who engage in many kinds of service all around the world. In serving others, Holy Cross students apply the values and knowledge they have acquired in order to make their communities a better place.