TUITION FOR 2018-2019$9,200.00
April 1, 2018 1st Tuition Pymt$850.00
Balance Due$8,350.00

You may pay the Balance Due by any one of the following four methods

PLAN A (Yearly)Discount $175.00
Due Before August 14, 2018$8,175.00
PLAN B (Semester)Discount $100.00
Due Before August 14, 2018$4,125.00
Due Before December 15, 2018$4,125.00
PLAN C (Quarterly)
Due Before August 14, 2018$2,087.50
Due Before October 15, 2018$2,087.50
Due Before December 15, 2018$2,087.50
Due Before February 12, 2019$2,087.50
PLAN D (Monthly Payments)
Payment of tuition on a ten-month basis is available through the Monthly Payment Plan. Payments begin July 10.Balance Due in 10 payments plus a one-time Adm. Charge of $35.00

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a one-time Registration fee of $385.00 when applying for admission to Holy Cross High School.

This Registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.

FAMILY GRANT: In the event there are two or more siblings in the same family attending HCHS, the younger sibling(s) will receive a discount of $750.00.

FINANCIAL AID: A limited amount of financial assistance is available to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. (Incoming Freshmen follow a separate procedure at the time of Application.) Forms are available in the Business Office. The form must be returned to Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) by May 25th. FAIR charges $30.00 to process your application.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Any family that wishes to pay tuition on a 10 month basis may do so through Plan D. Only one application per family is needed. Renewals for subsequent years are automatic for those in good payment standing. First time applications are due in the Business Office by May 20th for the next school year. Application forms are available in the Business Office.

TUITION REFUND POLICY: The First Tuition Payment is refundable according to the following schedule: Withdrawal within 30 days of the Registration Date – 1 ⁄ 2 would be refundable.

Withdrawal within 60 days of the Registration Date – 1 ⁄ 4 would be refundable.
Withdrawal after 60 days of the Registration Date – no refund

Withdrawals after the first day of school: Tuition refunds are pro-rated on a ten month basis. Attendance on the first day of any month counts as a full month.

TECHNOLOGY FEE: All students in the Class of 2020 and following years pay an annual Technology fee of $250.

INSURANCE: Each student is insured while at Holy Cross High School for all school activities. Parental Medical Insurance is primary, after which the School’s Accident Plan will begin payments.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: If tuition payments fall behind, the school reserves the right to suspend a student (from class/exams), deny transcripts, report cards, recommendations, or participation in sports or extra curricular activities. A late charge of $15.00 will be assessed on the first of each month beyond the tuition due date for each month the tuition is not paid.

Mr. Robert Botero
Director of Admissions

Phone: (718) 886-7250 ext.558
Text: (718) 309-0589

Mrs. Andrea Aloi
Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: (718) 886-7250 ext.524

Ms. Lisa Sanzo
Admissions Coordinator

Phone: (718) 886-7250 ext.560

Holy Cross High School
26-20 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11358
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