Expresiones Imperfecto

By Ms. Diez
The listening audio was on the Imperfect tense. In the beginning, I stated the uses of the Imperfect Tense and then in English, I highlighted how the Preterite has a beginning and an end to its actions. I then had a list of 10 expressions that are used with the Imperfect tense, (you can hear the typing in the background) and each one was translated in English.

Science Symposium

On May 26, 2020 Mrs. Kenny stopped by her Science Research students to deliver the 2020 Science Symposium booklets for the Virtual Science Symposium to be held the evening of May 27.

Computer Club 4th Annual Coding Competition

Congratulations to the Computer Club, Moderated by Ms. Pirovolikos, and their fourth annual coding competition, conducted via Google Hangouts Meet on April 30, 2020.

Results are in!

With expert judging and insightful commentary from Judges Evan LaGreca, Lynn Whelan, and Frank Orzo, our students Dominic DaCosta ’20 and Adam Muczynski ’23 earned high praise, important recognition, and valuable cash prizes, courtesy HCHS Board Chair, Frank Orzo ’64.

View the winning projects here:

Well done, everyone! Go Knights!