The Knights Fund is critical to everything we do here at Holy Cross. It impacts the lives of each and every student every day. The Knights Fund supports:


Our integrated approach to educating the mind and cultivating the heart starts with strong academics. Holy Cross offers four years of college preparation including 26 AP classes and 60 electives, including advanced programs in health and computer sciences. Prior to graduating Holy Cross, the Class of 2023 earned over 1,400 hours of college credit. Last year, colleges and universities offered academic scholarships to 91% of our graduating class, totaling over $61 Million in scholarships offered!


Our sports programs instill values of hard work, fair competition, teamwork, and perseverance. They teach the importance of overcoming failure and winning with grace. Last year, we added a Swim team and a Step team, bringing us to 35 teams in 16 sports! Approximately 500 student-athletes will compete for Holy Cross this year.


Arts electives like Fashion Illustration and Design, Architectural Drawing, Concert Band, and Television Production offer Holy Cross students opportunities to refine their talents and develop their skills. Extra-curriculars like the Photography Club, the Drama Club, and the Guitar Club provide outlets for self-expression and creativity.


Over 70% of Holy Cross students participate in at least one of our student clubs and organizations, ranging from Student Council to the Animal Rescue Club, from the Sci-Fi & Gaming Club to the Outdoor Adventure Club, and from the Culinary Club to the Computer Club. With over 50 clubs and organizations, Holy Cross offers every student vital opportunities for community and camaraderie.


Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, instructed us not to turn away anyone seeking the ministry of education. We strive to keep tuition costs as low as possible so that finances are not an obstacle to capable young men and women seeking a Holy Cross education. We address affordability in two ways:

  • Tuition Abatement/Subsidy – In 2023-2024, the full cost of a Holy Cross education is approximately $15,000 per student. In order to keep Holy Cross financially accessible, we set our total tuition and fees at $11,000 this year. This leaves a “gap” of $4,000 per student – a need which is met in part by the Knights Fund.
  • Tuition Assistance – Families who fall on hard times unexpectedly may have trouble meeting their tuition costs. The Knights Fund allows us to offer much-needed assistance. In these inflationary times, we expect this to happen more and more frequently.
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