Total Raised as of June 3, 2022:  $448,822
*The Knights Fund year runs from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

The Knights Fund is Holy Cross’s annual appeal. Every year, the Knights Fund invites alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to give in support of our shared mission of educating minds and cultivating hearts. The Knights Fund year mirrors Holy Cross’s school year and fiscal year and runs from July 1 to June 30 annually.

Our founder, Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., encouraged members of the Holy Cross family to carry out our ministry with lives rooted in hope springing from Christ’s resurrection. Paragraph 119 of the Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross states that “for us, resurrection is a daily event.” With this in mind, our theme for the 2022 Knights Fund is Anchored in Hope, Transforming Lives.

Gifts to the Knights Fund help to bring hope and transform lives by providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual support for our students, the Knights. In fact, the Holy Cross family recently raised over $1 million for the Knights Fund as part of the Cross Currents Campaign. United as one family, we believe that we can continue to build up the Knights Fund and eventually surpass that level of support every year.

Knights Fund gifts are focused on four As that benefit the Knights: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Affordability. Click on any one of the four As listed here to learn more about the impact the Knight Fund has on our students’ lives in each of these key areas.

We hope that you will join us in advancing the mission of Holy Cross High School through a gift to the Knights Fund this school year!

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