Guidance Tips for Remote Learning

The following tips will help you to be engaged with your classwork on remote learning days whether you are a hybrid student or fully remote student.

1. Create a routine where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

2. Set a daily alarm to wake up at least 30 minutes before your first period class.

3. Designate a study space that is quiet, free of distractions and comfortable for learning. Sit at a table with a comfortable chair.
*It is NOT good practice to sit on your bed when engaging in remote learning.

4. Minimize distractions by keeping social media and gaming systems out of sight.

5. Have your tools accessible such as; chromebook, notebooks, textbooks, pens, paper, calculator, etc.

6. Open Smartpass and keep the tab open for the entire school day. Guidance is using
the Smartpass program to call students to the Guidance Office.

7. Check your HC Gmail for any new emails from counselors and teachers.
*It is a good habit to check your Gmail throughout the school day.

8. Access your Google Classroom

Follow your schedule as if you are physically in school. Start with your period 1 class. You are to complete and submit your Period 1 assignment before the end of the class. Your submitted assignment acts as your attendance for the class period. Then move to your period 2 through period 8 classes and remember to submit your assigned work before the end of each period.

9. Do some quick stretches in between “switching classes”.

10. Be an active learner; take notes, participate in class discussions, communicate with your friends and classmates and ask questions.

If you have questions, email your teacher, counselor, and/or an administrator.

Chromebook Repair and Loaner Requests

All related chromebook repair/loaner forms and appointments are available on the school site under Campus Life. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Bucciarelli,

Request for Chromebook Repair and Drop off Appointments (all students).
  • Repair/loaner forms and appointments.
  • Students should schedule an appointment before school or during a study or lunch period.
  • Remote students will meet at the security desk for their appointment.
Chromebook Repair and Drop-off
Missed Appointment/ Repaired Chromebook Pick up appointment.
  • Students/parents will be notified via email when their chromebook has been repaired and that they should proceed in scheduling a pick up appointment.
Missed Appointment/ Repaired Chromebook Pick up