Student Council 2021-2022

Student Council President
Sara Keenan

Student Council Vice President
Savannah Browne

Senior Class

Carmelo Delorme

Vice President
Anna Tranquada

Press Secretary
Britney Defay

Budget Secretary
Kimberly Johnson

Administrative Secretary
Juliet Romero

Homeroom Liasion to Grades 11/12
Valeria Lopez

Homeroom Liasion to Grades 9/10
Gabi Tesi

Junior Class

Steven Ovanessian

Vice President
Briana Tola

Celeste Marrero

Sophomore Class

Jahanara Razack

Vice President
Jianna Davniero

Elizabeth Lazo

Event Coordinator
Georgia Tentomas

Freshman Class

Hanna Maher

1st Quarter Honor Roll 2021-2022

Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Honor Roll for the 2021-2022 school year.

Principal’s List
First Honors
Second Honors

Holy Cross High School presents Academic Awards to students in recognition of their academic accomplishments. Students must pass all courses in a marking period to be eligible for academic awards. Minimum Grade is 70.

Principal’s List: GPA ≥ 96
First Honors: GPA ≥ 91
Second Honors: GPA ≥ 86

TeacherReacher Information November

teacher reacher

1. Set up your parent account on TeacherReacher® as soon as possible.
2. Regularly review your scholar’s progress in PowerSchool.
3. Schedule appointments window opens on Monday, November 1st at 7 pm.
4. Scheduling window closes on Wednesday, November 17th at 11 pm.
5. Please see this tutorial or reach out to Ms. Pirovolikos at or 718-886-7250 ext. 576 for further assistance.

Retirement Announcement and Presidential Search Committee Survey

Dear Holy Cross High School Community:

In light of Mr. Mike Truesdell’s July announcement that he is anticipating his retirement as our President at the end of the current academic year, I am writing to you in my capacity as Chair of the Holy Cross High School President Search Committee with an important update and request for your input.

The last five years have been an exciting time for Holy Cross. Our successful transformation to co-education, the capital campaign to build a new multi-purpose facility and navigating through the unchartered waters of distance learning have presented many opportunities and challenges. We have benefited from the strength and collaboration of our school community of students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff and friends during this time. As we begin the search for the next president of Holy Cross, we look to you, the Holy Cross community, to provide critical input for our search process.

As previously announced by John Gerspach, Chair of the Board of Directors, Holy Cross is partnering with the consulting firm Carney, Sandoe & Associates (CS&A) to guide us through our search process to ensure that we conduct a high-level search and attract the best candidates. The CS&A team will be led by Bob Regan, founder and head of the firm’s Catholic Schools Practice, and Bill Christ. For more information on CS&A, click here

Next Steps: We want to hear from you.

Survey: With input from the search committee, CS&A has created a short survey. This survey is critical to our search process. In addition to seeking your thoughts on a variety of key issues affecting our school, we want you to share what you value most about Holy Cross and the leadership qualities and qualifications you seek in our next president. The results of this survey will be used to create the profile for our position description. Once created, we will post the position description to the school’s Website so you can easily share it with your personal and business network. We ask that you complete the survey no later than October 8, 2021.


Mike Truesdell will continue to serve as president for the 2021-22 school year while we conduct a national search for his successor. We are so appreciative that Holy Cross will continue to benefit from Mike’s dedication and leadership as we conduct our search.

On behalf of the Search Committee, we thank you for your support. This is an exciting opportunity to engage our Holy Cross community, and we look forward to your assistance throughout the search process and beyond.

Frank Orzo on behalf of the Search Committee

A Message from Michael R. “Mike” Truesdell, President

Dear Bro. Tom and John,

On July 1, 2021 we begin a new fiscal year at Holy Cross High School, as you already know. On this same day, Sheila and I celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. These are two good reasons to take stock.

During the last few years Sheila and I have welcomed into our family two grandchildren with whom we wish to spend more time. Given their cross-country distances, we have decided that today is the day to announce our transition to retirement. We look forward to spending time with these two special people!

Over the last many years, Holy Cross has embraced challenges and created opportunities that place the famed institution in an enviable position. As 2022 will mark my 70th birthday, it is an appropriate time to begin to identify the next president who will continue to move Holy Cross forward.

I anticipate with great excitement the graduation ceremonies in June, 2022. As I congratulate the graduates of the first co-ed class at Holy Cross, I will have the sense that I am graduating with them.

During the course of this year, please count on me to support the Corporate Members and the Board of Directors in any manner requested, as you conduct the search for a new president to begin his/her work on July 1, 2022.

Ave Crux, Spes Unica,
Mike T.

Welcome Back!

Our road to re-open has been made possible by the tireless efforts of our faculty and staff. This plan addresses the following: logistics & planning, creating & maintaining community, curriculum & instruction, maintaining Catholic identity, and technology support. We will adhere to NYSDOH and NYCDOH guidelines, and in the absence of such, we will follow CDC guidelines so as to provide the safest possible learning environment. The information that follows is based on what we know at the time of publication and is subject to change.

4th Quarter Honor Roll 2020-2021

Congratulations to our 4th Quarter Honor Roll for the 2020-2021 school year.

Principal’s List
First Honors
Second Honors

Holy Cross High School presents Academic Awards to students in recognition of their academic accomplishments. Students must pass all courses in a marking period to be eligible for academic awards. Minimum Grade is 70.

Principal’s List: GPA ≥ 96
First Honors: GPA ≥ 91
Second Honors: GPA ≥ 86

A Message from Board Chair, John Gerspach ’71

Dear members of the Holy Cross family,

As chairman of the Board of Directors at Holy Cross, I am privileged to have a first-hand and high-level view of everything going on at the school. From this unique vantage point, I can say without reservation that I am extremely proud of my alma mater, its habit of continual self-improvement, and the results it delivers for our students. I’ve watched the school grow even stronger in this regard – first with the wise but difficult decision to shift to co-education, then with the challenging but vital Cross Currents Campaign. The Holy Cross family’s immediate response to the $750,000 Challenge Grant has been awe-inspiring – with hundreds of new donors committing hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few short weeks. If you have already given, thank you for your support!

For many years after I graduated, I lost touch with Holy Cross. I headed to another fine Holy Cross institution – the University of Notre Dame – for my undergraduate work. I got married, I started a family, and I focused on my professional career which culminated with me serving as the CFO of Citigroup for 10 years. While I worked hard throughout my career, I also realized that, as is the case with any successful person, I was the beneficiary of a certain amount of good fortune – being in the right place at the right time and, importantly, with the right set of skills. Along the way, I took many opportunities to counsel young people on their personal and professional development. I advised them that problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and communication skills were critical to their future success. After some self-reflection, I realized that I had acquired those very skills at Holy Cross. I came to understand that the foundation for so much of my success in life had been laid in high school. When I entered Cross, I was a smart kid, good with numbers, and perhaps a bit of a loudmouth. I left Holy Cross as a smarter kid, even better with numbers, and with the ability to write creatively and expressively. When I graduated, I was still loud — but Holy Cross had directed my voice and given it meaning and purpose. The teachers at Holy Cross (particularly Brother Karl Diemand) pushed me to be more. It was true in academics, it was certainly true in my choice of college, and it was true for me as a person.

I have a tremendous amount of gratitude to Holy Cross for all it has done for me. I am extremely enthusiastic about all that Cross continues to do for young people today. The success of the Cross Currents Campaign and the current matching gift challenge in particular will ensure its ability to excel in this regard well into the future. That’s why I decided to send you all this message today – to provide you with an update, thank you if you’ve already given, and encourage you to join me in supporting this great work.

With just a few days left in this challenge, your gift can have double the impact – but only if you give during the next few days. Thank you for all that you do for Holy Cross, and thank you again for your attention to this special appeal.

John Gerspach ’71
Chairman of the Board, Holy Cross High School
CFO, Citigroup (retired)

Seventh Weekly Update: Monday, June 14, 2021

in Matching Funds
Earned to Date!

in Challenge Funds
Still Unclaimed!

Just 2 Days

Any new Cross Currents gift you make by Wednesday, June 16, 2021 will qualify for the match!

A Message from Coach Kerr


It’s that time again. We’ve all been here before. Whether we are in the ninth inning or in the fourth quarter, this game is tight. The Knights are playing their hearts out… but no matter how you slice it, this game is going to be a nail-biter.

I’ve been in these situations hundreds of times as a baseball and basketball coach here for decades, and know how exciting it is to see our School pull out some very special victories. When we win this Challenge Matching Grant put before our beloved Cross, we will be assisting future Knights to succeed for years to come through the new Athletic Center the School is building!

If you’re sitting on the stands, maybe you’re sick of getting messages like these. Or maybe you’re holding your breath, waiting to see what the next play is going to be… or to see just how close we’re going to get. As your coach, I’m here to SHAKE YOU UP and tell you that YES, this is a challenging game, and YES, it is going to come right down to the final out or the final buzzer. But we are SO CLOSE, and YOU can get in this game and YOU can help make it into a big win for Holy Cross and the Knights.

So… what’s it gonna be? The clock is running… there’s just one day left. Are you going to step up and get in the game?

To all the Knights out there – especially my students, baseball players, and basketball players – you should get into this game if you can. Not everyone can, and that’s okay. But if you can, I promise you that every gift will make a big difference — especially with this match going on.

Thanks, everyone, for hearing me out. I’m honored they asked me to be a part of this project. I can’t wait to see everyone at your next reunion or maybe even at a game. It’s been too long.

Coach Kerr
Retired Holy Cross Teacher (Retired 2004), Baseball Coach (through 1979), and Basketball Coach through 1996)

Special Update: Fourth Quarter Pep Talk from Coach Kerr

in Matching Funds
Earned to Date!

in Challenge Funds
Still Unclaimed!

Just 1 Day

Any new Cross Currents gift you make by Wednesday, June 16, 2021 will qualify for the match!