Career Day

2018 Reunion

Kairos Retreat

This just in from Campus Ministry:

Selected Holy Cross students were invited to attend a Kairos Retreat, a spiritual experience that lasts a lifetime. Hosted by Bishop McNamara HS, one of our Holy Cross schools in Maryland, this year’s Kairos event was a huge success. The boys, and their chaperones, Father Randy, Mr. Arens, Mr. Maher and Mr. Broschart, returned enriched, and feeling the Spirit which they assure will stay with them forever.

The retreat invitation was accepted for two reasons. First, to give our students an experience they wouldn’t soon forget by helping them to explore their relationship with God, and the retreat also served as a template for future Kairos events that we will sponsor starting in September, here at Holy Cross. The boys who attended will serve as next year’s Kairos Retreat leadership team.

The students who attended, Anthony Evangelou, Anthony Rizzotto, Alex Loukopoulus, Angelo Vita, Sean Flynn, Michael Fuchs, Aidan Ryan, Andrew Papalardo, and Dean Bhuyan, explored such questions as, Who am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where am I in my relationship with God? This Kairos event also gave our students a chance to mingle with students from other Holy Cross schools, resulting in their coming back with fresh ideas, and a renewed spirit anchored in the mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross; to make God known, loved and served.

The boys and their chaperones returned Friday evening to a surprise reception; their parents waiting for them in our Holy Family Chapel, where they each took a moment to share their experience with all present. Their comments forced a collective beam to emanate from their audience; they made us all very proud.

We look forward with eager anticipation to next year when we are able to coordinate our own Kairos Retreat here at Holy Cross. Stay tuned!




Senior Scholars Night

Last evening, we honored the top members of the graduating Class of 2018. Students and their families joined the faculty, staff, and administration on our rooftop patio for appetizers and refreshments as we celebrated these scholars and all of their accomplishments.
Next week, we celebrate all of our top students and their achievements at our annual Academic Awards Night.
Go Knights!

College History Trip

On Saturday April 28th, the College European History class led by Mr. Ron Vallar met at the New York Historical Society in Manhattan for a lecture on Ending the Great War.  John H. Maurer, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, is Alfred Thayer Mahan Professor of Grand Strategy and Sea Power and Distinguished University Professor at the Naval War College presented.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.
Why did Germany lose the war?
What role did the United States play in winning the war?
How did the war’s ending lead to an even greater conflict a generation later?

Mr. John Maurer explored these questions in a lecture on the dramatic events in 1918.  Continental breakfast was also served.

Pictured : Gregory Thompson, Antonio Argudo, Mr. Ron Vallar, Sebastian Kuba& Steven Spiezia

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Fashion Club

On Wednesday, April 25th our Fashion Club students had an opportunity to visit the shops at Americana Manhasset.  The students began their day meeting with the head manager of Men’s MRKT, a boutique within the store Hirshleifers.  There they learned about the many brands carried within the store and were able to enjoy ice cream treats at the boutique Kith!

Throughout the day our students met with Lucianna Bartellino who is the Senior Stylist of Personal Shopping for the center and Leah Heffernan, Americana’s Advertising and Social Media Coordinator. Alexander Wong, the Assistant Vice President and Director of Project Development of Castagna Realty, spoke with our students about how Americana Manhasset began and grew to what it is today.  He also explained the many projects Castagna Realty is working on.

The students ended their trip with a little bit of shopping and a great lunch at Cipollini!  Thank you to Americana Manhasset and your wonderful team for hosting a fabulous day!

Rocktopia on Broadway

On April 17, 2018 the Broadway/Museum Club attended ROCKTOPIA on Broadway. The multimedia extravaganza fused the most iconic 20th-Century rock with the most world-renowned classical compositions.  Five world-class vocalists – backed by a full symphony orchestra, an electrifying rock band and a powerhouse choir took the concept of music itself to electrifying new heights.  The anthems of Queen and Journey met the odes of Beethoven,  The power of Zeppelin merged with the poetry of Puccini.  The greatness of The Who blended with the grandeur of Strauss, was breathtaking.  This was a one-of-a-kind sound.

We Saw it.  We Heard it. We Believed it. 
The sound of ROCKTOPIA!!!