The Cross Currents Campaign is a special project that supports a special set of needs at Holy Cross. Therefore, we are inviting every member of the Holy Cross Family to consider a pledge of sacrifice over-and-above their typical annual giving for the next three to five years. Specifically, we are inviting everyone to consider a pledge of $75 per month for 40 months. That’s just $2.50 per day – roughly the cost of a cup of coffee. Over time, however, that adds up to $3,000 – which has a tremendous impact here at Holy Cross!

Pledges may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, and can be tailored to suit your payment preferences. Here are some giving plans you might consider:

Total Pledge40 Monthly Payments12 Quarterly Payments3 Annual Payments
$10,000$250$833 $3,333

Please complete your gift using the form below.


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