Memorials present an opportunity for members of the Holy Cross family to create a lasting tribute in honor of a loved one, living or deceased, on Holy Cross’ campus. As you review the listing of options below, please bear in mind that the price of subscribing a memorial is set by privilege of designation, not actual construction cost.

Special Opportunities

Athletic Center Naming Rights$2,000,000
Courtyard Memorialization$1,000,000
Bench in the Courtyard (6 available) $15,000 each

Basketball Court

Basketball Court Memorialization$1,000,000
Opening Glass Wall between the Basketball Court and Courtyard$100,000
Team Benches (Hoop-side, near 170th Street)$75,000Reserved
Cross in the Athletic Center$50,000
Holy Cross Logo on the Basketball Court Floor$50,000
East Hoop and Backstop$25,000
West Hoop and Backstop$25,000
Statue of St. Brother André in the Athletic Center$25,000Reserved
Statue of Blessed Basil Moreau in the Athletic Center$25,000
Share of Court Flooring (100 shares)$5,000

Athletic Facilities and Amenities

Men’s Locker Room$75,000
Women’s Locker Room$75,000
Athletic Department Offices$50,000
Bench in the Men’s Locker Room (limited quantity available)$5,000
Bench in the Women’s Locker Room (limited quantity available)$5,000
Locker in the Men’s Locker Room (1 sold, limited quantity available)$3,000
Locker in the Women’s Locker Room (limited quantity available)$3,000


Named Full Scholarship (2 available)$250,000 eachReserved
Named Partial Scholarship (1 available)$100,000 eachReserved

Memorials are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  If you wish to reserve a memorial, we encourage you to contact our Advancement Office right away at (718) 886-7250, extension 545, or at  You may also inquire with our Advancement Office about special opportunities not listed above.

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